MLK was hounded by the FBI and J Edgar Hoover his entire life. He was assassinated by White nationalists while being tracked by the FBI, and it is curious that the US government didn’t have as clue that there was a plot to assassinate him at a garbage strike.

J Edgar Hoover persecuted political dissidents, anti war protestors, union organizers, thought that dissent was a a threat to the nation.

There are many places in America that refuse to celebrate today’s Marin Luther King holiday. This is where the country is at, today. It is what it is.





Biden will run again? And Trump? And the ‘woke warrior” Ron De Santos, the anti vax guy? It is bizzare, where the country is at.

Political hacks threaten to crash the economy unless they get their way? Maybe the last Congress could have dealt with the debt ceiling, the economic crises, it passed a 1.7 trillion budget that it can’t pay for instead, including 858 billion for the war machine.

Our adventure, Americans, while the global the climate crises continue, the border crises continue, the Republicans in Congress investigate the Biden administration, the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, “woke culture”, in an uncivil war, life goes on.




Insurrection nation, Republican Congress people who voted not to certify the 2020 election are creating an insurrection nation in Congress for 2022. The House of Representatives will be disfunctional by design.

The institution, the House of Representatives, represented by people who want the institution to fail.

America voted for these people who will take an oath this week to defend a Constitution that they will not defend.

Who will be surprised if Congress finds itself broken, unable to legislate? Not insurrection nation, elected to run the House of Representatives into the ground, the uncivil war has been joined, America, welcome to it, you voted for these people.




Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.