Harley Creel
1 min readMay 18, 2023


The schedule I found for the House of Representatives states that in May, 2023:

8–12, Tues-Fri

15–18, M-Thurs

22–25, Tues-Thurs

Congress, that’s the Senate and the House of Representatives, spend about 30 hrs a week fundraising.

If there are going to be work requirements for the have nots, those who have no agency, the 40 mllion Americans who live below the poverty line, the people who do not get calls from people in Congress asking for contributions to their politican campaigns, there should be work requirements for Congress.

Balance the budget on the backs of the poor, what an attitude by priviliged people, does seem a bit much, in the face of an almost 900 billion dollar offense department budget.

On a Thursday, visualize the hypocracy, America, the haves propose work requirements for the have nots, those people, who never get calls from these 30 hour a week fundraisers with their hands out, and it’s a Thursday, the House is meeting today, probably 10 to 3, with an hour or so for lunch.