Not likely?

It is a Caesar A Rodney moment. Who? He was Thomas Jefferson’s Attorney General, in 1807. Jefferson had his former Vice President tried for treason. Burr beat the rap. They, Rodney and Jefferson, had the case tried in Richmond Virginia, by the John Marshall. They lost.

Biden has declared his Department of Justice, and Merritt Garland, “non political’, which means they have their reasons for not recalling what Jefferson did to his first term Vice President, it doesn’t apply, because. The because should be interesting, “because” there is precedent for trying a former President or Vice President, Burr’s trial, for treason, in 1807.

Who? Aaron Burr, the guy who took out Hamilton in a duel, which put his political career on the skids. the trial for treason ended his era as a serious player in Federal politics.

Congress used to have people who defied Congressional subpoenas locked up in their jail for not co operating, inherent contempt, wasn’t used by this Congress, because, last used in 1927.

Garland, if the administration acts, has trials, can subpoena any of the people involved in the insurrection who will not testify, can give them immunity, force them to testify. He may not, because Biden’s Justice Department, and Merritt Garland, have found excuses not to act, the excuses could be that it would seem too political, partisan, the trial of a man whose millions of supporters will be mad as hell if he’s tried for treason.

Biden may have cooked his own goose by cutting a deal with McConnell for an anti women’s rights judge to the Federal Court in Kentucky, this week, that kind of duplicity. If Justice fails to charge Trump for his coup, the Biden regime will be complicit in his treasonous activities, for political reasons.




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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

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