WikiLeaks vs the Russians

Julian Assange has had his extradition hearing reopened today. The British judge told him to shut up when he opened his mouth to complain about an American witness. WikiLeaks was a publisher, notice that I say was. It was, that’s a Press Freedom issue. What Julian Assange is locked up for in a British dungeon for what WikiLeaks published, the Iraq War crimes by a cabal of nations.

Today the Russians are meddling in social media, sending bogus wires, making things up, lies , lies, and more lies. WikiLeaks and Assange never did that, he told the truth to power. A cabal of world interests have conspired to persecute this man for 10 years, and he’s doing dungeon time now.

The cabal of governments involved, Sweden, Britain, Ecuador, the USA, have this man facing charges amounting to 175 years for publishing information detailing the war crimes that evolved out of the war that destroyed Iraq and mired the Middle East in a quagmire.

Assange has said he didn’t get the DNC emails from the Russians, his 175 years of charges are for “conspiracy to hack with Manning” in 2010. He’s due for cabal justice here some time soon, arriving at a US dungeon.




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