Why some moderate Democrats lost

They won last time in Republican districts. This time 6,000,000, more Trumpites showed up, at least, and they don’t vote moderate Democrat.

The election may wind up a plus in the US election collection. There have been some bad shows in US elections. Trump is incompetent, but a great con man and campaigner.

He is an excellent at telling lies, non truths, not even half truths, with great success. His people believe his rants? They do suck them up. “Lock her up”, and “Liberate Michigan” almost got a sitting governor killed, a Democrat. His is a successfully sick trip, Trumpism.

The moderate Democrats lost because the Trump people won. The Progressives that are being slammed as “too progressive”, want a relief program that lifts the lives of the American people, radical ideas like health care during a pandemic and pandemic relief.

Trump admitted he lost to cheaters? And he rigged the postal service. May kindness and compassion win the day, this one, 11/15/20. Bravo, Trump for recognizing democracy? In his next tweet, he took it back, back to he’s been robbed.



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