Failed colonial adventures in Viet Nam and Afghanistan are what they were, not anything else. Viet Nam, the US does business with Viet Nam, a so called communist country, which is really a one party autocracy, like China, its historic rival, the US does business there also.

Why is Cuba still being embargoed? China and Viet Nam are one party states run by so called communist parties, no embargoes. Venezuela gets embargoed, so called socialism, millions of its citizens refugees, like the Cubans, the regime change policy. Cuba is embargoed because it can be, a small country, 11 million people, a former colony, from 1898 to 1959, it’s been a consistent policy for the island to be punished for its rebellion in 1959.

Viet Nam was a failed colonial adventure, as was Afghanistan, these simple truths are beyond the American consciousness, for what reason? People believe what they are told, the herd mentality runs deep in the human consciousness. Whitewashed wars that should never have been waged, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq. The war in Ukraine is a proxy war. Here the world is again, victimizing the pawns in the game, the casualties, people who have no say in the world power game.




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