What’s a Life Worth?

America’s going to find out in the next two weeks. The “happy talk” has worked and magical thinking has prevailed in much of the country, a manifestation of a nostalgia not unlike MAGA magical thinking.

Is the pandemic a non pandemic, a ruse, a false narrative, one that poses no real threat to the public health of the nation, and it’s time to get back to business as usual?

Magical thinking may prevail, a couple of weeks will tell what a life’s worth going forward, the calculus will be determined by the moral compass of the American people, will political opportunism prevail?

The virus will define a new reality, not magical thinking. Expect the powers that be to play with the statistics going forward, adjust the body counts.




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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness, clernfimmel.wordpress.com, has some stories.