Voting during a pandemic

How this has become a political issue says everything about the cold light of day we are facing as a society. Sending people to the polls during an episode with a highly contagious disease that kills some people because of cynical political reasons establishes the coldness and meanness of this moment.

The pandemic relief bills were corporate relief bills, the Stock Market is at record highs. Voting by mail during a pandemic is impossible in America because the people in charge of the process don’t care about public health?

It is quite a reckoning. Wanting people to stand in lines during a pandemic displays a callousness that Hitler and and his minions personified, a coldness and abstraction, the ability to see the myriads of lives at stake as straw dogs, expendable.

This is happening here, here, sending people to the polls during a pandemic describes a certain madness of purpose that is remarkable in its expediency.




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