Voting Banana Republic Style

Here we are. We’ve made it, unofficially, a banana republic. Banana republics have rigged elections. Will your vote count? How should you vote? The states that care about their citizens votes being counted are going to have to do drop boxes, and people will have to figure out a way to vote, maybe it’s a haz mat suit at the polls for most of the day. Better, find a drop box for your absentee ballot. Can’t trust the Post Office, it’s been successfully sabotaged by the government in power.

It has come to that. States can open up the voting process, allow people greater access to the polls, but this is America, some in the political class will make voting as difficult as possible for groups they want to disenfranchise.

It’s back to Jim Crow, all over the country. It’s going to be Jim Crow vs the rest. Banana republic time in America. There are forces in the government, who are rigging the election. We may be Belarus on a larger scale, November 4th. The fix in. We’re all counting jelly beans.




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