Harley Creel
1 min readMay 20, 2024



The deconstruction of the legal and election traditions of the American Republic, one man one vote, no citizen is above the law, has been suspended for the duration of this insurrection? The Supreme Court has done its best to make this a reality.

The news media, Trump’s fake news, has been focused this morning on the Alvin Bragg’s weak case in NYC which has been raised to a felony because it involved election interference.

Is this fair, say today’s news pundits, charging somebody with these contrived charges in a city where the DA is an elected Democrat and the defendent is Donald Trump?

It’s not fair. Trump should already have had the Documents Case trial, and the insurrection case has been stalled by a partisan Supreme Court flirting with Presidential immunity, in a country where no citizen is supposed to be above the law.

Trump gets a lot of free press. His revolution is being televised daily leading up to the Presidential election. And he’s the victim. You can figure that one out for yourself.