Harley Creel
May 12, 2024


Are they getting bigger now? Had one in New Jersey, thousands of people wearing the red hat, with one slogan or another across the front. Make America great again, when was that? Pick a time that suits. Use your imagination. It is certainly not now for these people.

Trump sounds incoherent lately at these events, fails to make sense. He’s going to have the undocumented evicted in millions, he says, which is impractical, will cripple the economy, and human cruelty of imaginable proportions.

Trump nation comes to his rallies and they listen to his nonsense and make sense out of it. It works for them. Make America great again by wearing a hat at a rally of like minded people who see America great again when Trump nation takes the Presidency in November.

And this is not unlikely.


Mother’s Day