Harley Creel
1 min readJun 7, 2023



says more about the country than it does about him?

It is an open question, an insurrectionist narcissist, loudmouth blowhard, who routinely knows exactly what his listeners want to hear.

I talked to one Trumpite who told me it isnt a cult because all of the Trump supporters support him for their own reasons. He likes Trump because he’s a self made man like he is, both of them inherited their money.

When you live in a country that spends most of its cash on its invisible empire, and funding the debt from its endless wars of choice, and adventure, the world’s policeman is a kind term for it.

My car quit in my home town, the high school is now an open campus, and everybody has a studied, seriously distracted look, inattentive attentiveness, the grammar and poetry of the human face. So distracted is America that supposedly intelligent people, people who know what’s up, wear bigotry like badges of honor, like 40 percent of the country, hopefully 35.

On vacation in a place of the prosperous, the indulged and the self indulgent, smug, intent, serious, being here now within a new electric car, well dressed, in a place to be.

What’s wrong with America is its mean, self richeous streak, blind obedience to expediancy, an arrogance undeserved, my vacation’s been like that, and I fit right in, oh well.