Trump Phase 2

will rock the casbah. Trump is going to run with the “riots, looters, anarchists” mantra, provoke protests if he can and the Democrats, powerless to stop him. The unentitled may not see that they are being used by provocateurs, it may not matter to them, their rage is with the entitled, period. Count on the pawns in the game being pawns in the game.

Bernie found out that the young don’t show up at the polls. They just don’t, they’re distracted. People may actually not vote because they don’t want to feel responsible for what happens. It’s too hard.

Trump Phase 2 could be hell to pay for the unentitled, the enemies of Trump will face his wrath, and he will reward his sycophants. He always tells the truth by lying, so Social Security and the Postal Service will walk the plank.

Free and fair elections, hope for one here? Wondering about that says a lot about the good old USA.




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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.