An old friend gave me a ride when I dropped my car off at a shop one town over, being a climate refugee, I don’t know that many people in the Pacific North West.

My friend drives around and listens to Fox News with millions of others, they are told that they are victims of a system that is trying to take their liberty, their property, their nation, giving it to people who are undeserving, who are atheists and socialists, and don’t have the values that have made the nation great, Christian paternalism.

The enemy is seen in certain terms, tolerance, the democratic process, recognizing the climate crisis, vaccines, an educational system opposed to censorship, prejudice, anybody who is not sympathetic to Christian, White, conservative values.

Fox sells the interests of corporate America, which does not believe workers have the right to bargain collectively, and rejects environmental regulations on business and industry.

Although an undemocratic autocrat, a con man, ruthless and self serving, my friend believes that Trump and Fox are saving the country and will save the nation. I told my friend, “ I drive around in my car, I listen to music, the Jazz channel, 89.3 FM.”

He changed the channel to rock and roll. These people, Trump nation, they drive around, sit at home, they listen to Fox News, Trump nation, an authoritarian personality cult.




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