The Congress makes the country’s laws, not the President.

The composition of the Senate, 2 Senators per State, makes the body a place where small States have greater power, because large States have many more people, they are underrepresented in the Senate.

Craven political opportunists in Congress, the anti-sensible gun laws people who are their voters, and the composition of the Senate, mean no reform to the 400,000,000 guns in the country, the 11,000,000 assault rifles, this is a formula for social chaos.

Inflation is a consequence of the pandemic. Price controls to deal with pandemic price gouging is not going to get through Congress, there will be no real action in Congress.

The Republicans stonewall, and the people blame Biden because he is the President. Biden needs 12 more Senators to pass an assault weapons ban, or introduce inflationary price controls on excess profits.

The Republicans have the votes, blame them for the likely little or nothing that will get done by this Congress, and the likely end of equal rights for women by their Supreme Court, which also supports no regulation of guns.

Will the next be a free and fair election, we’ll see. Germany faced social chaos, a fascist insurrection, in 1933, the fascists prevailed.




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