There is an insurrection in progress, the Republican Party is welcoming White nationalism as a wing of the party, along with the anti science, anti vaccine, pandemic deniers, while the stats are that pandemic denial may be responsible for half the pandemic deaths here. Republicans did this for cynical political reasons, and Ted Cruz is today protesting vaccine mandates for school children in DC, in the Senate.

The Republic is on very shaky ground, both major political parties are run by different factions, the DNC, its donors, the Republicans, the White nationalist, insurrectionist, Trump wing of the party, and its donors.

Sinema came through this week for the hedge funders. The Republicans will try to block any bill that makes the Democrats took good. The Democrats are splintered, the Biden, DNC, old guard, and the progressives, have different constituencies, the have nots represented by the progressives, if anybody. The poor have no agency in government, no representation.

The present Republican Party is not interested in compromise, or a working government, the plan is for the government to fail, the next election to be chaos, and the insurrection to succeed. This is their right direction, and it may be America’s, can you dig it!




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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.