Harley Creel
2 min readMay 15, 2024



All those bombs, all those angry people, oppressed by the ballot box, they rebel the only way they know how, and the world is seeing it in spades. Trump is going to do what if Trump nation gets him elected in November rather than the establishment candidate selected by the old guard of the DNC, the Democrat party.

The DNC and Hillary lost because Trump represented a rebellion against the established order. Trump lost in 2020 because Trump proved to be out of touch with reality, the pandemic crashed the economy, and his people turned on science, medicine, vaccines, and Trump was done in 2020.

Now its Trump, and the Supreme Court religious zealots, and White Nationalists, and the anti environment corporate robber barons, and “drill baby drill,” on the Trump horizon, it’s the presidency, or some form of exile for Trump, if he loses.

The world’s weather has become unpredictable and distructive because of climate change. The Poles are fading away, the oceans are too hot. Young people will inherit the real world, not the MAGA world Trump nation imagines. Trump is a showman and a con man who is trying to make his breed of nonsense sense. There was no steal to stop. Trump was the incumbent and he lost an election, and never got past it. This is psychosis.

Today the world fears the rule of Trump and his sychophants in Congress, the White might America that conquered a continent, self serving ruthless people in power. Remember Jim Crow. Remember the reality that abortion is a medical procedure, nothing else.