The war machine budget, this year, closing in on 800 billion, then there’s the Homeland Security budget, 98 billion, yearly, not once in a lifetime, corporate welfare, pursuing the interests of the rich, and it is a bipartisan endeavor, and socialism, with government control of the means of production

There will be no wake up call for the ruling class handouts, generously supplied by both parties to their donors in the ruling class.

There are no parades here for the laboring class. The class issue, 140 million here, living a couple of paychecks from the street, while three people, I’ve heard, have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the country.

Billionaires, the political donor class, corporate class rule, and it should be interesting how the gridlock in Congress in the next 18 months manifests itself. There will be no New New Deal, the people in the driver’s seat on this Labor Day, work for the ruling class. They are their representatives.

The war machine gets its budget yearly, corporate welfare pursuing the interests of corporate America. The political class, both parties, work for them. A pandemic rages, and on a labor Day, people packing the hospitals, some dying because they won’t get vaccinated for ideological, delusional reasons.

No reason for parades during a pandemic, ignored by deluded dupes, on a Saturday, 9/4/21.



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