The United States?

Don’t count on it. The Republicans will do what they did to Obama, derail universal health care and fund corporate welfare, government functions will continue to pursue the interests of corporate America, and world finance, the international hegemony and dominion game, power politics.

When you have a government that has an ally like Saudi Arabia, there is something wrong with that foreign policy. The regime change doctrine is not a stable foreign policy, nor is supporting, tacitly, oppressive regimes.

The pandemic response has been pathetic because the public health system is the result of inequality, a lack of universal health care. The pandemic has exposed a land of inequality, the haves could care less about the have nots, the political class takes care of itself.

Trumpism is a symptom of an uncivil war. It will not go away if it is not dealt with. Biden will have to run his government through executive orders unless he gets the Senate seats in Georgia. The Republicans there won’t pass anything that doesn’t favor the ruling class, the corporate state, that rules with the advertising.

The political class could have paid people to stay home, test, isolate , quarantine, resolve the virus, that could have been the plan. Politics got in the way, and Trumpism: the people who vote against their economic interests for other reasons



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