The uncounting the votes plan

It is here in the middle of a pandemic, Trump is gumming up the works, with the assistance of the Republican party, and the death toll could climb to 300, 000 in three weeks. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, many won’t, they’ll be dead. The uncivil war has made the vote an enemy. The plan, the uncounting of the votes, how democratic. It’s a chaos plan.

The states can not certify the votes and kick the can to Congress where each state gets a vote and maybe Trump is back. This effort, its goal , the votes don’t get certified by the states.

On December 8, the states reach a milestone, the safe harbor date, the vote count has to be completed in each state. This can be sabotaged.

December 14, the states do their electors dance, and pick them based on the state’s rules. This can be disputed.

December 23, the states certify the votes, the process moves on. Gumming up the works, raising issues, the election can be turned on its head here.

January 6, the votes get counted as electors and here the uncounting can be accomplished by continuing to question the votes, find ways to dispute the results. The party that gets 270 electors is the winner. Thirty three states require electors to go with the popular vote. A representative democracy or not, that is the question.




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