Legislating from the bench, SCOTUS

Well, we made it, Galileo, he learned his lesson. Screw science, religious gatherings, dangerous to the public health, have to be allowed because the court system of the country has been taken over by religious ideologues.

The First Amendment is also about freedom from religion, as much as it supports religious liberty.

The people on the court have decided that the people who established a secular government in this country because of all the religious crap they had had to deal with in Europe were wrong.

The people who formed the US government founded a secular government, not a religious one. Mass gatherings during a pandemic have everything to do with public health.

Mass gatherings during a pandemic because god said so. Which one? Welcome to the politics of religion, whose god decides? That’s why they formed a secular government, the guys who wrote and signed the Constitution, no establishment of religion, a secular government.

The Supreme Court is in favor of mass gatherings during a pandemic, ignoring reality, science, common sense, by misreading the First Amendment for religious, ideological reasons. Read the Amendment.

The ideologically driven people on this court aren’t qualified to make decisions about public health. Five members of the court chose their ideologies over science, during a pandemic.

11/26/20, Happy Thanksgiving



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