Harley Creel
1 min readMay 17, 2024



People are told it’s the economy, inflation, the border, not the attack on democracy and the rule of law that matter today in America.

Look at the press Trump gets for defying the law and it’s legal processes, daily, while the media focuses it’s attention with Biden’s unpopularity. The legal system is compromised by a corrupt Supreme Court, and Garland’s do nothing Justice Department.

Trump says he’ll pardon the convicted insurrectionists from the Capitol storming. His only trials after his coup attempt failed, have been a State charge about his lack of moral character, a hush money case, a Trump business fraud case with a half a billion judgement in New York, and a rape and defamation case that cost him 86 million.

Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor, has been ineffective. He has been blocked by the Supremes, who are contemplating Presidential immunity regarding the insurrection case. The Documents Case is on hold because Trump owns Judge Cannon, and Smith has not acted to get her recused. The 12,780 votes case in Georgia is on hold by a legal system in Georgia that has allowed it to end in limbo.

Trump no longer makes sense at his rallies. That’s a fact. America is on the road to install a felonious seditionist tax cheat, and filanderer President, because it can.