Trump is a showman, he does have a rap, and I listened to some of it Friday, his self delusional grievance tour, he featured his audience, he talked about what is right about them and what is wrong with the Democrats, and how they are not God fearing people like you, they are communists and socialists. He paints an ugly picture of his political opponents, denigrating their character and their lack of Christian values.

His themes were a stolen election, returning the nation to its rightful place as a Christian nation, saving the land from the communists and socialists who want to deny the greatness of America’s past, by teaching children to hate themselves, and their history as White Americans.

Teaching actual history, he finds un American, he and his audience of Evangelical Christians. Trump sells Trump’s vision of what they want to hear, how all of the country’s problems are caused by the Democrats.

Trump told these people how their schools are being propagandized by the left with their far left ideas, that parents have to decide what is taught in schools, not a school board. It is an anti secular, Christian theme, that his audience embraces, God, guns and babies, the anti abortion riff.

Trump went on and on and on about how the media, the Biden administration, Democrats, have taken the country down an ungodly path of communist ideas and socialism. He paints a bleak and ungodly picture of the present reality, that only he can save the once Christian nation, and restore Christian values, thanks to his three Supreme Court picks. With their help, and a Republican Congress, he will bring back God, keep the guns, and save babies from murder by abortionists.

Trump’s right direction, the insurrection never occurred, it was a peaceful gathering of patriots protesting a stolen election, peaceably assembled for a redress of their grievances.

Trump’s pitch, you’re good, they are bad. He will restore the nation’s glory in 2024, vote Christian values in November, throw the socialists and communists out, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, all of his persecutors will face his wrath in 2023, and if elected in 24, he will pardon the insurrectionists.

The audience, under his spell, he loved the moment, the adoration of the Evangelical Christian right: He will return the nation to Christian values, theirs.

6/19/22, Juneteenth, free the slaves day, late.


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