The Republican Seditionists’ Chaos Plan

January 6th, when the electors do their ritualistic count of a democratic process, will seditionists, questioning the certified election, defy their oath to the Constitution, will traitors, seditionists, be on display for all to see?

If so, it will be good to note who they are, these seditionists. Benedict Arnold isn’t remembered well, and his treason. The behavior of the Republican Senators and Congress members, 126, to be exact, a desire to subvert, to overturn a legitimate election?

Overturning the results of an election to seat the losing candidate because you only want to count legal votes, not illegal votes, is what these seditionists are saying, that’s an attempt to subvert an election, treason, any way you slice it. Illegal votes being those their party didn’t get.

January 6, 2020, will America watch a play for autocracy, a call to disqualify the votes of the majority, more than 80,000,000 people , the autocrat lost 306 to 232 in the electoral college, and by 7,000,000+ votes?

If so, lets take names and make note of these seditionists. Sanctions are in order for these traitors if they crank up what some may consider just another dirty trick. This kind of crap creates democracies in name only. These seditionists have a plan, deny the new government’s legitimacy, manifest gridlock in Congress, wreck the regime , and return to power, citing the chaos, a chaos plan.

These seditionists will be willing to destroy civil society in order to return to power if they get the opportunity. When people show you who they are, believe them.



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