Washington, not the city, the statesman, knew when to retire, to voluntarily call it a career as Commander in Chief.

Republicans look like they’ve won the House. Biden was 6 points under water, on election day, and may lose control of the Senate if Georgia and Nevada go the other way. Georgia is a red state, the Republican candidate is running as a place holder, Walker should win in December because the Republicans have the votes if they show up.

Avoiding debacle is not a victory. The election was not about Joe Biden.

The DNC and Biden will try to sway the electorate that put him in office to go with Old Joe one more time? Power is not easily relinquished by American politicians, there are few who like Washington knew when it was time to call it a day. Power corrupts, it would be in the interest of the country for Biden to see that he won in 2020 because he was not Donald Trump.

Trump will announce next Tuesday? Biden will take the opportunity to do the same? Trump is trying to avoid legal jeopardy, Biden and the DNC may choose not honor country over party, and sell four more years of Joe.

More than a few people want a younger candidate. Biden sees the interests of his party, the DNC, his political ambitions, as in line with the interests of the country, and sees no need to do what Washington did, call it a day. Washington could have been President for life.




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