Neither party is calling for price controls on essential goods like gas and food to combat inflation. The gun craze is a self induced crisis. The Senate stalemate blocks Congressional action, the filibuster.

Republicans take over the Senate and the House, Congress, the show trials of the DNC operatives will begin. The Aryan nation will rear its head. Putin is already embraced by Trump nation. Will Putin be rehabilitated, Ukraine, resolved with partition, or absorbed into the Russian Federation, that has to wait until 2025, and bye bye Biden.

The Democrats hold the Senate, 2 years of Congressional gridlock.

The investigations of the impeachers by the House should be political theater of the first order. Biden and Harris will face impeachment charges?

With abortion illegal or the province of the states, draconian practices will rule the lives of poor women where applicable.

Embracing Putin’s vision here will not be difficult, White power, an Aryan nation, putting women, the poor and malcontents in their place, the first orders of business, Jim Crow on steroids.

Will there be the reign of Trump in 2024, unless he is dead or so self consumed and delusional that he can not run? America experienced MAGA, its return will indicate that history sometimes teaches nothing.




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