The Primary in Wisconsin, 4/3/20

The powers that be, the political class, may not be able to get it together to delay the primary, so it may go ahead as scheduled next Tuesday, 4/7/20. This endangers public health, like the idiot States that refuse to socially distance, endangering us all.

Surreal America on the horizon, unable to cope with a public health crisis, willing to send people to the polls in an epidemic, when it is now common knowledge that you can transmit the virus walking around unknowingly if you are a carrier, in Iceland, they figured that out.

Only in exceptional America , send people to the polls in a primary because we are living the surreal experience of exceptional America where people refuse not to go to church, endangering public health, and some see it as an expression of religious freedom, not a lack of respect for the rest of the community.

It is unsafe to send people to the polls during an epidemic. Please shape up, get with the program, people, people are dying, stay home!



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