Harley Creel
2 min readOct 30, 2022



The polls are selling the Republicans hard. Biden, who people voted for because of Trump’s handling of the Pandemic, is not popular. Biden is a poor speaker, stutters, repeats himself, and has brought the economy back from the pandemic. Ten million jobs, low unemployment, and Trump’s coup has so far been resisted.
The Insurrection, the coup, are way down in the polls, not many concerned in the polls with the fate of the Republic, today.
This year, the polls were wrong in Kansas of all places on abortion rights. Are the polls wrong, will women show up to avoid the curtailment of their human rights?

Hillary lost, favored in all the polls, so who knows? The real pivotal issues for the country are the survival of the democracy, one person one vote, free and fair elections, and women’s human rights

The inflation is a supply and demand problem, economics, not politics. The polls are based on surveys, samplings.

This post Halloween, think about the values of the insurrectionists, their lack of regard for the rights of everybody else. There were 155 million votes cast in the last election, 74 to 81, there are 320 million or so in the country, probably 50 or 60 million don’t vote.

If the polls are right, it will be a red wave, Trump probably walks, and the American people will have investigations of Democrats, tax cuts for the corporate donors; inflation, crime, there’s always been crime, the inflation cure is cuts to social programs, Social Security, Medicare.

The coup, the sedition, the threats to the vote, all continue today.