The mad President has lost?

The virus won. Think. If not for the pandemic, the madman would have been re elected for sure. What have we learned? A lot of white people only care about white people like them, not all white people, only the bigots and racists and white nationalists.

The exterminating angel, Trump, and his indifference to human suffering, his intolerance and extreme class consciousness, this elitist has been responsible for the deaths of many people, because of his gods, himself and the bottom line, a ruthless upper class mindset, class conscious greed and self interest.

70,000,000 Americans voted for this madman: His votes are legitimate voters, the other guy’s aren’t, and 70,000,000 share his alternate, mean, self serving reality.

The country may have dodged a bullet. But for the other side of America, that voted like their lives depended on it, all races, all ages, all sexual orientations, they showed up, the pandemic would rage on, Trump’s government would have stayed with herd immunity, sacrifice human lives to the bottom line, and 70,000,000 agree with him.




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