The Land of Pork, USA

The corona virus relief bills report, I couldn’t read the details, scanned the piece, this morning, hedge funds, and Republican cronies, Republican members of Congress, got big slices of pork whether they needed it or not, think about it, bailing out hedge funds, and it came to mind that here we are, a country with an absolutely 3d world mentality, bail out the rich, screw the rest. I’m sure the Democrats took care of their donors, too.

The people who were intended for the loans couldn’t get them because the system is 3d world, which means welfare for the rich, rugged individualism for everybody else. Both American political parties represent the same interests differently. It’s a pay for play system of patronage and influence peddling.

It took a long time for the US to become 3d world, no universal health care, for profit health, a huge military budget , 740 billion, the unemployment checks, many of the working stiffs got stiffed, they should be used to it, it is amazing how the corporate class, which rules, takes care of its own and nobody else, and pulls it off, and it’s a done deal, as usual, spilled milk.



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