Runs on fears, stampedes, the primitive in humans, the herd mentality, wicked leaders, opportunists, prey on the primitive aspects of human society, use people’s primitive fears to convince them that their enemies are their neighbors.

Magnifying social differences, calling them “evils”, is simple, and works. The herd belives what it is told by the people it has defined as leaders, that is why Trump’s trip has worked, because the herd accepts as doctrine what the leader tells them is true.

There was not a rigged election, neighbors are not evil people who must be suppressed, the schools have been run by people who are not indoctrinating children by teaching them the actual history of the country.

People form societies to get things done, start governments in democracies to control the wicked with laws. The herd runs on fears its leaders perpetuate to rule, these people have taken over an American political party, selling fear, hate, the evils of others in the herd, manifested in intolerance, continuing rage. The continuing attempts to discredit and dismantle the public’s faith in the electoral process, the success these leaders have had convincing people that their neighbors are evil, this is a perilous moment for the Republic.




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