Harley Creel
1 min readMay 22, 2024



The handwriting on the wall is saying that man’s inhumanity to man is personified in the absolute destruction of the Gaza strip, and its captive people. The last election that Israel allowed in the “occupied territories” was in 2006. The Israeli government has destroyed the society there, and it’s plan is total subjugation and eventual expulsion of these people.

The US President, Joe Biden, only sees the war crimes by Hamas, an unelected government the Israelis installed and maintained in Gaza since 2006. He sees charges of Israeli war crimes by the International Court of Justice as “outrageous.”

In the US Congress, a majority of its Republican members are still involved in the ongoing insurrection, and deny the validity of the Presidential election of 2020, while at the same time taking their oaths of office to the Constitution, and accepting the results of their elections in 2020.

A number of these people were at Trump’s trial for election interference in NYC this week talking about the flaws in a legal system that allowed the great man, insurrectionist, seditionist, pathological liar, to be charged with trumped up charges by Democrat partisans.

Bibi Netanyahu’s been invited to speak before Congress by a Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, who engaged in the 2020 election insurrection, and now leads that body as a Republican election denier.