The Great I Am, and the Election Wrecking Ball

The plan, what it always is, convince people that something that is false is true. Find ways to blame the Democrats for the Congressional crisis although you control three branches of government out of four. For the election it will be massive voter fraud, questioning of the process, the reliability of the voting system where possible, the focus on Democratically run states.

The states that have plans to suppress the vote have been doing it for a very long time, so that’s a given. Daily, you can watch the unfolding plan to screw up of the Postal Service for the election. Think of it, America reaps full Banana republic status.

The “Great I am” is selling that the election will be rigged by voting by mail. Mary Trump says Fred called him that from age 12, the “Great I am” will do his confidence game: “It was the greatest economy in the history of the world,” with 140 million living in poverty, before the pandemic.

I see Trump fixating on executive orders, and a blame the Democrats mantra, a payroll tax cut only favors the rich, and defunds Social Security. If Congress doesn’t fund state and local governments, the recession will become a depression, and the rich will consolidate their wealth.

Imagine four more years of Trump? Look to Sturgis, South Dakota, this week, that America, wonder if they’ll vote by mail.


Nagasaki Day, 8/8/1945



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