The election of our discontent

You have two factions competing, the loyal opposition, out of power, and the incumbent regime, ruthless, willing to compromise the election system to get re elected.

The same kind of situation raised its ugly head in Germany in 1933, the Weimar Republic. Hitler’s plan was to discredit democracy and blame the loyal opposition for the braking political system that the Nazis were in the process of dismantling.

Discrediting the election, creating an atmosphere where the electorate doubts that a fair and free election is conducted, is the plan. One faction wants to suppress the vote of its opponents, the other faction’s tactic is to enlarge the electorate.

The deep issue here is a country that is at a crossroads for its republic, the integrity of its elections. At this momentous time, can the political class conduct a free and fair election? Has the government been subsumed by a unitary executive and a plan to win the election by any means necessary?




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