It was announced by the ruling regime today, Barr and Trump are investigating election fraud in the states because there isn’t any. The Attorney General of the US and the President have figured out their rigging scam. Can they pull it off?

There really doesn’t have to be voter fraud, the point is to stop counting the votes, have the election in the state declared fraudulent and the state legislature, Republican, can select alternate electors of their choice because of the supposed fraud Barr’s teams will investigate.

Diabolical, and very banana republic, this coup they are planning, and it won’t work without the complicity of the state legislatures who concur with Barr that there has been significant voter fraud where none exists.

That seems to be the plan, and it will unfold immediately, if hatched. The Attorney General will dispatch his legal teams to swing states where there are Republican legislatures, declare mail voter fraud investigations, stop the vote count, and appoint alternate electors.

The end of the republic and the rule of Trump is in the hands of the political class, it’s a republic, said Ben Franklin, if you can keep it. The political class rolls over, the republic is a done deal.




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