The Donor Class Won

The Political Class funded the donor class, with their relief bills. They did not fund State and Local governments, they created an incredible mess with unemployment insurance. They didn’t fund the Post Office to ensure voting by mail. Both parties used used their leverage to fund their donors.

They could have done what the Europeans did, fund people, individual workers, but no, here they fund corporate America, the rich, their donors.

Who is talking about a health system that works for all Americans? Bernie’s done, and his Medicare for all. The talk is about how unAmerican it is to wear a mask and social distance when it’s time to get back to work, the herd immunity plan. The President expects the chaos of this reopening to ensure his reelection, he’ll blame the Democrats.

The American model, the most deaths, the most cases, the most social disruption. The lack of a universal public health system has had the expected results, and going forward, you’ll get the health care you can afford.

Public health and the lack of a universal system won’t come up, it’ll be blame the Chinese. Congress did bail out the for profit health system during a pandemic, rather than going to a non profit system like the rest of the first world.




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