Perfect theater, of the political kind, so embrace the comparisons, regular people would be and have done serious time for mishandling so called State secrets. Trump did it because he does not respect the institutions of government, Biden because of a lack of competence.

Obama, a rumor I heard last week, said that if Joe had the documents they weren’t important.

Trump took the documents because he said he’d declassified them with his mind, they were his anyway, and he didn’t have to give them back. Biden passes the buck, blames his staff, says he didn’t know he had them.

The document snafu is a present representation of the American political system, two political parties at war with one another, who have lost sight of the country’s interests by pursuing the self interests of the Republican and Democratic parties, not the nation.

It is a nation that keeps too many secrets, and pursues justice the way it has in this documents snafu. The scenario is defining a nation.




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