Harley Creel
1 min readJan 18, 2023



Only 1,000 get invited, the World Economic Forum, 2023, the fat cats, the shot callers, have their own organization, now meeting in the Swiss Alps, which are very short on snow, the drought in Europe, but not fat cats, at Davos, a ski resort town.

These are the people who fund the political classes that run the oligarchies that run the world economies. These meetings decide how the legions of lobbiests will influence legislation across the world.

The meek were not invited, the poor are not represented, nor the client class, the creditor class, 1000 of them, the Davos crowd, the big shots, have their forum, no Russians this year, they were not invited, no Putin at Davos this year, the Ukraine war.

The fate of the planet up against profit maximization, returns on investment, and corporate entanglements with governments and the political classes, the agendas of these meetings. They are not for public consumption.