All of these patriots in the American government, particularly those in the legislative bodies, in state houses, in local government, the government officials at the polls, the courts, particularly the Supremes, those people, their oath, that they swore when they took office, is to the Constitution of the United States and the Republic for which it stands, not Donald J Trump.

There’s an election in progress, and this is my wake up call to those patriots, those America first people, you have a government job, a state position, you’re in the military, your oath is to the Constitution, remember that when you are out waving your flags, being loud and proud like your bombastic leader, he to swore an oath to the Constitution, not to his fat self.

So once again, after 20 years, if they don’t count the votes, if the election is decided in the courts, by sycophants, either their or in state legislatures, goodbye democracy, hello, oligarchy.





Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.

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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.

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