The consequences of Trump’s death cult

They are all responsible and they don’t care. The statistics say that there have been 1,000,000 new cases of corona virus in the last ten days. This is the responsibility of Donald J Trump and his enablers.

The morgues are filling up all over the nation. Politics over science? No, it’s madness over science. Trump’s hoax and his followers in his death cult have brought the United States of America, red state America, and blue state America, not the United States.

70,000,000 Americans in a death cult led by a fool, in America, America. It is time to see the handwriting on the wall: the pandemic sees not red states, blue states, it’s a contagious virus that spreads through the air, and it kills people, maybe someone you love is next. It’s wake up time, the dead are piling up, and it’s a terrible and lonely way to die.




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Harley Creel

Harley Creel


Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.