the Trump/Biden document clown show. There is no excuse for the behavior of either individual. What are they proving? There is one law for the average Joe, and another one for the Joe Bidens and Donald Trumps of the world, people in high places are special.

That’s the bright side, how their partisans will spin one way and another, covering up the simple truth that these people, the ruling class, see a different a justice system than the hoi palloi.

Any average person who kept State secrets, intentionally or not, would do serious time for the infraction if. . . the Espionage Act of 1917 is enforced, not likely with the Biden/Trump document clown show.

Take a break from the mass shootings and the freedoms they have given the American people, that feeling of freedom as the bullets wiz by, as free as the fools who would not get vaccinated, those fine examples of human folly. . .




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