A concrete example of the policing of an enemy is ruthlessness without quarter. The Russians are treating the Ukrainian people in a like manner as the Memphus Police in their beatdown of a citizen of their city during a traffic stop, Tyre Nicols, a young black man a couple of houses from home.

War generates a man’s inhumanity to man scenerio, and the cops in the ghetto, or what they imagine to be enemy territory, they act accordingly, ruthlessly and without regard for the humanity of their victims.

A lack of respect for the people you are dealing with is a requirement of this behavior, a police culture that considers itself the law, that acts with impunity, and without regard for the people the police get paid for to serve and protect.

The poor and minorities know what the middle class and rich neighborhoods do not, don’t argue with cops, they are always right, and are capable of taking your life on a whim, like the criminal they are paid to protect the public from, their behavior is a function of your class, the neighborhood. How you are perceived by these authority figures can be perilous for your survival.




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