The attempt to subvert the vote

It was real, there were plots, are plots, to legislatively bypass the will of the voters and have alternate electors in states with Republican legislatures. The attempt to subvert the vote is still a possibility, today. Make it to December 14 without subversion, America.

White people with a colonial mentality vote for Trump, bigots vote for Trump, racists vote for Trump, and really rich people, the plutocrats, they are people like Trump, they vote for their politicians, the ones they buy.

America’s colonial mentality is worse than anywhere because it’s lasted so long. White privilege is about where it’s at, and the fear of the loss of it by the other produced Trumpism, which is alive and well, that’s them. The colonial mentality stole the country from the Indians, exterminated them where possible, then sanctified John Locke’s baby, private property.

70,000,000 strong, the colonials, and they vote for their rule, not democracy. That’s our problem. Something has to be done about the electors and the popular vote for President. There are players in the American political class, who have attempted to subvert the vote, that’s not democracy.




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