Harley Creel
1 min readMay 14, 2024



The inflation is caused by controlled and captured markets, don’t believe the spin, believe mercantilism, and Adam Smith. The “invisible hand of the marketplace” has captured markets. The prices are all the same for the same goods, gas, food, energy, etc.

Inflation is caused by price rigging, market control, and captive markets by specific industries. Look at the airlines, car prices. The pandemic caused the markets to collapse. The rest is also obvious.

Raising interest rates stifes consumer demand which raises prices, and makes excess profits for the people raising the interest rates. The answer is price controls on essential goods and services, which is not possible in a government that has the people believing raising rates will decrease prices, when it decreases consumer demand by raising prices across the markets.

Raising taxes on consumers decreases demand, which is necessary when the government is fighting two proxy wars, and has an one party dedicated to lowering taxes for the ruling class.

People believe what their rulers tell them with the adverising , the spin, the sold reality rather than the actual one. Next election, maybe don’t vote for mean people who spend all their time talking about what’s wrong with everybody else, and blame the poor for poverty, sucessfully, in a country where billionaires pay lower tax rates than their employees.