Support for democracy in Belarus

If they are not completely self absorbed, the DNC convention will make a statement in support of the people of Belarus, a small nation between Lithuania and Russia, a captive state of state authoritarianism, run by a Putin ally. Telling if they don’t get around to supporting a democratic movement in an autocracy, peaceful protests being beaten down by an authoritarian regime.

Have you heard of this popular uprising? They’re out by the hundreds of thousands, everybody in the streets, then, each protest, people beaten down, locked up, tortured, disappeared. The EU has issued sanctions. Violent repression of future protests has been promised by the current regime.

I don’t expect the present regime here to make waves one way or the other. Keep a low profile. The Democrats may not bring the revolution in Belarus up this week, we’ll see. Maybe tonight someone will voice some support for the peaceful protesters in Belarus being beaten down, locked up, disappeared, by an autocratic regime.




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