Harley Creel
1 min readNov 14, 2022



People who are above the law are special. Word is that the 1/6 Committee is not going to focus on FBI, Secret Service, Capitol Police collusion with Donald J Trump leading up to and during the event, it will focus on Trump’s actions, these services members compromised by their loyalty to Trump, not the Constitution they have sworn to serve, no purge of these seditionists?

The members of Congress who called for not certifying the election, preferred a legislative oligarchy to counting the votes, they have been reelected, maybe 160 in the House, 10 or 15 in the Senate, seem to have dodged their seditious behavior successfully. Many refused Committee subpoenas as has Trump.

Trump, if he were an average citizen, would have been charged when he refused to return State secrets after his term ended 1/20/21, then lied about it. He is not an average citizen? Exactly. He is special.

The US government is between a rock and a hard place, democracy on trial with the handling of the ongoing civil unrest. Eugene V Debs ran for President while incarcerated for violating the Espionage Act of 1917.

Debs went to jail ovewr the Espionage Act, Trump and his seditionous conspirators have so far been above the law, special people.