Social distancing through May, 4/7/20

I don’t see the sense in listening to self interested politicians about a pandemic, the epidemic here is just like the rest of the world’s, the virus will dictate, not the political class. What has to be done is dictated by the only lever, tool, strategy that works, stay home, social distancing.

America doesn’t do what the rest of the first world does, it doesn’t have universal health care, so you live in a second world country, you get the healthcare you can afford, and the most affordable health care for the uninsured, underinsured, is staying home and practicing social distancing.

May first, the crisis unfolds as the crass self interests of the political class try to dictate to a virus, and the virus is not listening. Social distancing is the only solution to the pandemic. The curves of cases and death will determine the fate of a nation divided against itself like no other, the spin, exactly that, will likely seize the day. There will not be a return to normal, that normal is gone.

You Americans, embrace your new reality, or embrace business as usual, and the inevitable consequences of a runaway hoax.



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