It’s a fact. The government has shown it can accomplish something the British didn’t, stop the mail, which helped free the country, all those clandestine activities, thanks to the post, which became the US Postal Service, plots unfolded by mail.

A service since the founding of the country, now broken intentionally and successfully. Looks like election by mail is going to be a mess, the public suspicious of the results.

There is a certain back hand genius to such deviousness perpetrated on an entire country by a sitting government. Who thought anybody would think of such a plan, nobody who could do anything about it, apparently.

A sitting government that screws up the mail so you can’t vote by mail during a pandemic, that’s diabolical. My mail, delivery delayed, if it doesn’t arrive by 9/8 , was the tracking disclaimer, you can file a claim. So get your ballot, take it to a drop box if your state provides them, there’s one at my city hall. Looks like you can’t trust the mails.




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