Separation of Church and State

Ben Sasse, Republican Senator from Nebraska, Phd in American History, says at the Senate hearing today that religious liberty is one of the cornerstones of the First Amendment.

Actually, the Constitution was based on the separation of Church and State exactly because the Crown heads, then the state, and the Church, mostly Catholic, had always run European governments. There was no separation of Church and State, there were State religions.

The country was founded on the separation of Church and State. Religious liberty is a consequence of the separation of Church from State. Now the Republican party has turned that around to say that the government was founded to ensure religious liberty.

The country was founded to have a secular government, not a religious one, that’s primary to the Constitution, and these Senators are doing their damnedest to end that separation with rulings in the Supreme Court that will enshrine religiosity.

Religion should have nothing to do with government. That was the Founders’ position, separation of Church and State. The government wasn’t founded to have religious values, but secular ones.





Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.

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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness,, has some stories.

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