For some, power corrupts absolutely. The Orange One is running for President again, quite a spectacle at the Post Toasties Castle in Florida, Donald Trump was in full view, then all over the night’s news, flaunting his brand of spin with a pitchman’s gall. How this individual who attempted to overthrow the government two years ago is still walking the streets, now flaunting his disregard for what had been the established order since 1789, his behavior since his coup, defying Congressional authority, to this day unaccountable for his actions.

He did not take Washington’s advice to know when to go, as has his rival, Joe Biden, who will also be running again, he has said.

The mid term elections are over and the next one for all the marbles has begun, with Trump’s ramblings about the greatness the country will face when he once again takes his brand of chaos back to the Whitehouse.

This man should run for President from his jail cell, and Joe Biden should smell the roses and do what a statesmen would do, do what is in the best interests of this fading Republic, call it a day, retire. Joe is too old, Trump is self delusional, an ongoing threat to the established government, the established orderly transition of power, he is a lawless thug.




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